The Great Southern Card Publishers is a fully Australian owned and operated entity.
All postcards unless otherwise stated, are produced from rare negatives owned solely by The Great Southern Card Publishers.

Larger prints can be made available upon request.

Some postcards as made available will be in Limited Edition issue to ensure value and collectability.

The founder of this website has a long history with shipping, including steaming for several years all around this great Island Continent Nation that is Australia. Current status is Australian Shipping Historian and founder/Administrator of Flotilla-Australia website. The Passion here is Ships and Shipping, with a view to making such available as collectables to like-minded people.

The theme of Postcards currently available is purely Maritime in nature, however diversity of themes in the future is possible where the subject matter is rare and worth publishing.

All genuine enquiries should be emailed to admin@greatsoutherncards.com.au

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